Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things you must consider while applying for freelance job

Hey freelancers,

Think you are going through the bidding process and applying for the jobs which are coming everyday.

Here are some tips to impress potential employer for your freelance job:

1. Include a great message to impress the employers to read your private massage.

2. Write a compelling message in the private message with your experience, links to your past works, your education summery and preferably reference to other employers that you've worked previously.

3. You can put your links to articles, blogs, images, videos you have created before.

4. You may also mention what you've earned, acquired or got on related campaign.

5. There are some examinations that you may consider taking while you are trying to make freelancing a full time work.

These are all the common things that you may consider before or during applying for a freelance job from these marketplace in my previous post.

There are always ways to get employer noticed on your bid or message if your style of writing is very good.

Monday, January 2, 2012

How to Open Your Money Accounts

Hope you have read my previous posts regarding earning online.
Now I'm going to show you how and where to open your income accounts.

Before going further, READ THIS CAREFULLY. It is very important. 
Remember that these are real companies and pay you real money. So don't try to put any wrong information. Follow the instruction carefully and do accordingly.
Make sure you use a good email address and your real name and address which is on your National ID and/or Passport. It is compulsory because you need to verify yourself and your address by providing your ID or Passport and bank account to these companies. If you use face ID or do anything wrongly, your account will be BANNED and you will NOT GET PAID. You also should NOT open a second account of yourself. It is not accepted there. They track IP address for every account. Remember these are real companies and you also have to act properly.
You must also read and accept all the rules, terms and conditions of these companies during registration.
Are you ready?
Okay, Now go to each of the following companies, click open in a new page, register and come back here. Do one by one.

1. oDesk: It is one of the best companies available in the world at this moment. There are thousands of people from around the world working here. 
Click Here To Register.  Then follow the registration process. You have to put your real name and address. You also need to put your bank account details if you would like to get paid through your bank. They offers Pre Paid Debit Card to all members. I'll cover another lesson on how to apply for a Free Debit Card Account from oDesk.

2. Freelancer: It is another great company that pays me always. I got more jobs and also posted many projects for other programmers to do for me. Its regulation is also very good. You can withdraw your income to your bank and Debit Card which you can get here. 

To remind you once again, please put your real information here. Go through all registration process and come back here. Do not forget to check your email and activate your account by clicking on the link they send you.

3. eLance: This one is more payer than others. Many high budgeted jobs are being posted here regularly. In fact all of the companies I mentioned have low to high budgeted project posts everyday.
To register Click HERE and go through the registration process like before you did. 
I'll be very happy to assist you in any matter regarding this programs. Please input your messages here and I'll reply you as soon as possible.  

4. GetACoder: This is another great place of income. You just need to register and apply for jobs that are being posted by 100s of employers everyday. When you are applying or bidding on jobs make sure you post a good plan that you are going to offer the employer. If the employers are happy with your project description you'll get the job
Click HERE to register and start earning:

Friday, December 30, 2011

What are the online places you can work

Well, Let's talk something about this. Where can I get work?

I'll put more info and step by step tutorial on this matter. First of all, lets see what you can do.
Lets say you can read and write emails, can do some basic microsoft office works and can visit websites. This is the common thing that we or anyone do regularly.
If you want to use this skill to earn from the internet you can do a little search on google to see who offering payment for pay per click, pay per view or pay per email reading. Once you have found some good companies that offers good amount and have very good policy, you can register an account and start working. These types works gives very little income. 1 to 5 cents per activity. If you visit one page you need to keep the webpage loading fully or till a specific time set then you have to click on a button to go to the next page and to get credit for visiting that page.
Be aware of fraudulent websites that offers good incentives for these types of activities and do not pay a penny for your hard work.

How do you know which one is a good company?
To know it you need to go to google again and search for what people talking about the particular company you are going to register.

The Steps:
  • Search on google for the terms I said (eg. Pay per click, view, mail etc.)
  • Open each website that seems good and read their offers, terms and policies.
  • List down the web addresses by category and popularity.
  • Go to google again and search for review or feedback left by the users. (No company can survive with fraudulent activities people always use online forums or blogs to discuss about good and bad companies) 
  • Type "website.com review" on the search bar, where "website" will be the address you are going to search about.
  • You'll see many discussions available on that particular website or company.
This may take little time to find out the best paying company out of millions. But you'll know when you get good earning from that research.

These are the basic jobs that all skill less people do while passing time.
I actually do not recommend people to do these and waste time. Because time has value. If you want to do online job prepare, arm up yourself with better skill, go to high paying place. Learn from the experts and communicate with people who are really giving you worthy job. Work and get better payment. 
I always emphasis on working with a great place where thousands of people working regularly. One of them is freelancer. You may earn $30 with your little skill and dedication with a short time span.

The best method of earning online I like

Although there are many methods available now for earning online, I like to work on freelance websites. The reason is there are literally thousands of jobs being posted everyday by employers worldwide. You may wonder what are those jobs! Would I be able to do them! Actually most of those jobs needs very little computer skill. Some jobs are merely related to Microsoft office works.
If you know word, excel and powerpoint you can apply for 50+ jobs everyday. From those jobs you may get one or two per week.
If you can do one job perfectly and the employer likes your work, honesty, sincerity and dedication, you will get a very good rating from that employer. This rating or feedback from an employer works like magic for your future jobs.
You will continue to get more jobs every week if you can maintain a good rating always.